Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello everyone! At the moment JD is doing good. Finally ate a lil bit. He hasn't eaten in 3 days. He is playing with Legos and watching Spiderman! He is so sick of the docs and worries everytime he sees one. Poor lil guy! We know the exact bacteria now and can work on killing that. The next step is to find if he has a csf leak and if he does, seal that off. His face is getting swollen so we are worried about that. First priority is to get him better. He probaly won't feel better for a couple days. We truly appreciate the thoughts and prayers. We are so blessed. There isn't anything we need. Our families are here and helping out. Josh is going back Tues for work and then will come back here Fri or Sat. If anybody wants to bring him a small dinner, I would appreciate it! He doesn't do well with feeding himself! He wouldn't want me to ask, but I know he will need it and so many are so willing to help! We have the best friends and ward members ever. Thanks again everyone for going above and beyond. We send our love back to each one of you! With love,


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