Wednesday, January 26, 2011


JD was released from the hospital tonight. The Cluff family will be heading home to St. George tentatively on Friday. Hip Hip HOORAYYYY!!!

Roller Coaster

This experience definitely has been a roller coaster! JD has been on three antibiotics and the Doctors only want to send him home on one. They thought they had identified the bacteria causing the problem, but they aren't sure now. They want to grow one more culture to make sure what is causing the infection. Because of that JD probably won't be released today, but likely tomorrow. At that point we will take JD home and wait until he has been on the antibiotics for a total of three weeks and then come back for the surgery.

JD is doing great. We are so appreciative of all the support we are receiving. We are grateful for you prayers and concern.
Things can change in just one second. I was happy and now I am devastated. JD has to have brain surgery again in 2 weeks. AHHH I am gonna scream. Heaven help us!
JD is sooo happy to get out of here tomorrow. Me too :D
Poor kid doesn't know what is to come. I can't tell him or he will worry for 2 weeks.
Thanks for the strength and courage!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Continued from last post...

He was so calm that one nurse thought he was already sedated! He is doing so well. We are sooo proud of him. Our only concern is to find where and if there is a leak of spinal fluid and to take care of that. We feel some docs have been drag...ging their feet a little so it is frustrating. We want to make sure that this won't ever happen again. We will continue giving him antibiotics in his PICC line after we leave here. I think for another week? He is still on 3 heavy antibiotics and the docs are deciding right now which ONE will be the best for him to take.
JD is getting his PICC line right now. We might be able to get out tomorrow! It also depends on the ENT docs because we still don't know about the CSF. They will do something that puts... an isotope dye in his spinal fluid and then see if it comes out his nose. There are a couple of other things for them to try too.
Corbin, Melissa and Kynz Garn came to visit us last night. They did something to JD! He was soo hyper. It was fun to see him be so silly. He had to show off to his friends. They brought him a little hoop and basketball to play in his room and made us some yummy cookies. It was nice to see old friends.
The day before that, JD's cousins Amya and Daymian came to visit.
When his cousins came to visit, he was laughing and joking around again. Just being his normal self. It was really nice to see him that way. We got to make silly putty and we have been playing tic tac toe, Chutes and Ladders, CandyLand, reading books and even doing a little homework. He built ALL his Legos the first day he was here!

We want to thank EVERYONE for the thoughts and prayers and calls, texts and gifts. His buddy Camden gave him a cute stuffed lab puppy and balloon. He named him Chocolate. The Kimzey family gave him a really cute sock monkey. He named him Ap...ple. The nurses gave him a little Chameleon and his name is Rainbow. The Chipman's sent a card and money and our friends, the Fillmore's (Carson) sent him Looney Toones dvd's. This has kept him occupied and not as worried about things. In fact, he was watching it when the nurses came in to give him his PICC line.

Last night was good for JD, hard for me. His alarms were going off every 5 min. His Heart rate was too low. It was ok though. He slept through it! If his blood test from Sat is neg today, he will get his pic line today. ...That means no more poking or IV's! He was laughing and joking yesterday. It was so nice to see him like that. It brings us so much joy to see him out of some of his pain. We are still just waiting because there are still problems unknown how they will be fixed. Our spirits are high and we are doing good

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello everyone! At the moment JD is doing good. Finally ate a lil bit. He hasn't eaten in 3 days. He is playing with Legos and watching Spiderman! He is so sick of the docs and worries everytime he sees one. Poor lil guy! We know the exact bacteria now and can work on killing that. The next step is to find if he has a csf leak and if he does, seal that off. His face is getting swollen so we are worried about that. First priority is to get him better. He probaly won't feel better for a couple days. We truly appreciate the thoughts and prayers. We are so blessed. There isn't anything we need. Our families are here and helping out. Josh is going back Tues for work and then will come back here Fri or Sat. If anybody wants to bring him a small dinner, I would appreciate it! He doesn't do well with feeding himself! He wouldn't want me to ask, but I know he will need it and so many are so willing to help! We have the best friends and ward members ever. Thanks again everyone for going above and beyond. We send our love back to each one of you! With love,


JD's progress

The doctors have identified the bacteria that is affecting JD, it is Strep Pneumonia. The bacteria is being killed successfully, and now they are trying to determine if there is a Cerebral Spinal Fluid leak. If there is a leak there is the possibility of surgery so please pray that there isn't.

January 20th, 2011

On January 20th, early in the morning JD Cluff was life flighted to Primary Childrens Hospital with Bacterial Meningitis. He is at Primary Childrens receiving antibiotics. DeAnna said that Jay Dee is very docile but responds well to medicine but only for a short time. At this time it is hard to tell. If everything goes well they will be back home in two weeks.

This blog will give updates on JD's condition, and information about how to help.

If you would like to send things (cards, etc...) the address is:
Primary Children's Medical Center
attn patient: Jay Dee Cluff
100 Mario Capecchi Dr.
SLC, UT 84113

The Cluff family is grateful for all the love, support and prayers.